Who We Are

Raincross Farms

We create positive economic and social impact by building a stronger local food system.

We Feed People and Put People to Work

Raincross Farms is the impetus for creating a stronger local food economy and healthier citizenry by:

  1. Growing food for the local food supply chain
    1. Aggregating, developing and bringing back into production, fallow agricultural land units in various regions
    2. Growing food naturally/organically, using sustainable ecological processes
    3. Providing locally grown food to the local food hub, cooperative retail outlets, contract
      growing, direct to consumer, wholesale, and benevolent channels
  2. Growing new farmers through our workforce development, educational and training program (Growing Skills)
    1. Fostering job and life skills and competencies through the daily rhythm of the farm
    2. Offering accredited teaching programs
  3. Improving the local food supply chain
    1. Providing support to local growers and makers with administrative support, business development, market development, logistics
    2. Educating the community with respect to the benefits of locally sourced foods