Training a New Generation of Farmers

Raincross Farms’ Growing Skills Program utilizes the rhythm of the farm coupled with formal accredited education services to provide our students with the job skills and life skills necessary to either start their own ag-focused business or become employed in ag-related industries. Students will successfully complete the Beginning Farmer Training, the Apprenticeship Training and then have an opportunity to become an Incubator Farmer, growing their own farm business on Raincross Farms-secured land. Potential students include veterans, high school and college students, those out of the workforce and the disadvantaged. Supplements to tuition may be available

Education focuses on multiple skills and outcomes such as:
  • Farmers and Farm Managers
  • Storage and Distribution Managers
  • Agricultural Managers & Technicians
  • Building Trades
  • Food Processing
  • Landscaping Workers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Nursery & Greenhouse Workers
  • Culinary Workers
  • Construction & Maintenance
  • Light Truck or Delivery Services
Our Accredited Education Partner is Smooth Transitions.
Become a Mentor