We are in the planning stages for our first two locations. Each site is designed as a production/teaching farm and will bolster our local food system by increasing local productive agricultural land. Our sites are facilitating the growth of new and beginning farmers and increasing the amount of food both produced and purchased locally.

Raincross Farms’ sites are pre-eminent agricultural, vocational and community education and event centers. Uses include education, row crops, soil building, beekeeping, animal husbandry, etc.

Each site includes amenities such as:

  • Greenhouse
  • Cold storage
  • Farm storage
  • Field office/meeting room
  • Pole Barn (lecture/outdoor teaching area)
  • Produce washing facility
  • Soil building area
  • Farm stand
  • Parking
  • Educational perimeter trail

Education focuses on multiple skills and outcomes, attainable through the varied aspects of farming, and facilitates job placement in the job categories listed here (not a complete list):

  • Farmers and Farm Managers
  • Storage and Distribution Managers
  • Agricultural Managers & Technicians
  • Building Trades
  • Food Processing
  • Landscaping Workers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Nursery & Greenhouse Workers
  • Culinary Workers
  • Construction & Maintenance
  • Light Truck or Delivery Services